Louis Hotels

  • Limassol, Cyprus
Full time
Louis Hotels Nicosia, Cyprus
       Main Responsibilities: Coordinate and implement all facets of our digital marketing initiatives, including but not limited to PPC ad campaigns, email marketing, and influencer partnerships. Promote special offers and packages across all hotel properties, while closely monitoring their performance metrics to gauge success and make data-driven adjustments. Plan, monitor, and report on key performance indicators (KPIs) for all digital actions, including but not limited to Google Ads, social media ads, programmatic advertising, and native advertising. Budgeting: Assist in managing the digital marketing budget, ensuring that resources are used effectively.  Competitor Analysis: Keep an eye on market trends and competitor strategies to inform internal decision-making. Evaluate important metrics that affect website traffic, conversion rate, and ROI. Create and tests landing pages, funnels, and customer journeys to...