Interfreight Logistics Ltd

Interfreight Logistics Ltd is a leading freight company based in Cyprus that offers a range of transportation and logistics services. The company specializes in freight forwarding, customs clearance, transportation, and warehousing.

Interfreight Logistics Ltd has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality shipping services to its clients. The company has a modern fleet of vehicles, including trucks and trailers, which are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that goods are transported safely and efficiently.

In addition to transportation services, Interfreight Logistics Ltd offers customs clearance services to help clients navigate the complex customs procedures involved in importing and exporting goods. The company also offers warehousing services, including storage and distribution, to help clients manage their inventory and supply chain more effectively.

Interfreight Logistics Ltd is a reliable and efficient logistics company that is committed to providing its clients with high-quality services and solutions to their transportation and logistics needs.