Exclusive Capital

  • Limassol, Cyprus
Full time
Exclusive Capital Limassol, Cyprus
We are looking for a dynamic and experienced Head of PMD to join our team! The Head of PMD will be responsible for supporting the Chief of PMD with any and all initiatives, directed or devised. This role entails informing the design of new investment strategies and products, researching and trading investment securities, creating and updating department procedures, inspiring policy and co-steering strategy, producing quality content for both internal and external audiences, and engaging with stakeholders (internal and external, e.g. clients, prospects, regulator/gov’t, other SBUs/internal units, service providers, wholesalers). More specifically and amongst other responsibilities, our next colleague will be expected to compile bespoke wealth management portfolio proposals, manage client relationships (liaise and advocate through event opportunities and business development), and operationalize the PMD functionality. In miscellaneous, ancillary, and occasional...