Alfa Capital Holdings (Cyprus) Limited

  • Nicosia, Cyprus
Full time
Alfa Capital Holdings (Cyprus) Limited Nicosia, Cyprus
Key Responsibilities: Perform the functions of Data Protection Officer; Monitor partners’ and marking activities, if applicable; Monitor research distribution activities; PRIIP Implementation and Product Governance monitoring; Provide MiFID II Compliance support by providing advice on key provisions of the legislation; Provide compliance support in Underwriting and other corporate finance activities; Reviewing and providing comments on the terms of legal agreements; Monitor compliance with relevant cloud services requirements; Perform compliance monitoring controls in line with the Compliance Monitoring Program set by the Head of the Department; Monitor the activities of employees to identify potential breaches of applicable regulation and assist in the implementation of corrective measures; Monitoring the implementation of the procedures described in the Company’s Procedure Manual; Updating the policies and procedures of the Company in order to be compliant with...